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Here are some articles that may help you understand more about the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed as well as better understand how to care for your pet.

Education Articles

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Breed Information


The Breed Standard


The Illustrated Standard


Training Classes in the Bay Area

Obedience Clubs

Canine Competitive Gym

Sacramento, CA


Morgan Hill Dog Sports

Morgan Hill, CA

Touch n go Agility

North Highlands, CA

Fun First Agility

Sacramento, CA

Western Agility Group

Elk Grove, CA

Sport Dog Center

Santa Rosa, CA

Performance Dogs In Action

Sacramento area

Jumpn Java Agility

San Mateo/Half Moon Bay

North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) Clubs

Bay Team

San Francisco area

Haute Dogs

General Education


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Heartworm (March, 2018)

Dermoid Sinus in Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies (February, 2018)

Leptospirosis (March, 2017)

Mushroom Poisoning in Dogs (January, 2016)

Halloween and Dogs (October, 2015)

Has Your Dog Been Skunked? (June, 2014)

Keeping Cool in the Summer (May, 2014)

Take Care of Fido's Teeth (March, 2011)


Xylitol Ingestion in Dogs (February, 2011)


Bloat: Deep-Chested Dogs are Susceptible to Gastric Torsion; the Dreaded Bloat (January, 2010)


Kennel Cough  (October, 2009)


Key Facts About Canine Influenza (September, 2009)


Toxic Plants (March, 2008)


Rattlesnakes (Fall, 2006)


How to Get Started in Lure Coursing (updated 2019)