Bay Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club

BARRC began as an idea to help with Ridgeback rescue and has developed into a regional specialty club with rescue being but one of its functions.... 


"We began with filing for non-profit status for rescue as Elizabeth Akers was taking much of the burden of San Francisco Bay Area Ridgeback rescue upon herself.


As Elizabeth began the process of checking into the process for obtaining non-profit status, she decided that it would be best to have some area breeders become part of the initial board of directors to provide some support.


Hence, Clayton Heathcock, Cindy Hatzenbuhler, Elizabeth Akers, Diane Jacobsen, and Greg Castillo were added to the list as the initial board of directors of this non-profit organization. As we checked into getting insurance for this organization, we discovered that Sportsmans insurance had a great rate for liability insurance for "Clubs," but we had to call ourselves a Club.


Well, if you are going to call it a club, and it looks like a club (Lord knows it will smell like a club) why not make it a club. So the five initial board members decided that we should have a club in this area with such a large Ridgeback population. So we put into motion the steps to start a local specialty club.


Our membership drive was initiated in early April, 1997 with charter memberships ending on April 30, 1997. Almost 150 members are Charter Members making this club probably the largest regional Rhodesian Ridgeback club in the bay area. We want this club to include everyone that has an interest in Ridgebacks, hence we need involvement from all interested parties to make the  club a success.


With just the basics of the club in place, we wanted input from the members on policy, rules, regulations, activities, and especially, we want active members who want to be on committees and run for office to eventually, sooner than later, boot us out of office through a democratic process of elections, and no, you can't stay in the Lincoln bedroom!"


Remembrances By Greg Castillo
First President of BARRC